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A difficult issue for many, not only for students of “A Course in Miracles”

Sometimes students of the Spiritual Mind Training “A Course in Miracles” ask me whether I do “something” to take care of my physical health. This question is sometimes almost a little embarrassing for students of the Course, because they are facing a hidden conflict: if I’m taking my illusionary body seriously and take care of it to nourish it, then I am practicing magic according to ACIM. And this may sometimes still cause feelings of guilt for some friends of the Spiritual Mind Training. I’d like to draw your attention to an important paragraph in the Course (T-2.IV.3:8-13), bold by Reinhard Lier:

The body is merely part of your experience in this physical world. Its abilities can be and often are overevaluated. However, it is almost impossible to deny its existence in the physical world. Those who do so are engaging in a particularly unworthy form of denial. The term “unworthy” here implies only that it is not necessary to protect the mind by denying the unmindful. If one denies this unfortunate aspect of the mind’s power, one is also denying the power itself.

We believe in the physical world and thus also in our body. If we would not believe that, we would not experience ourselves as physical beings. But since we do, Jesus, or rather the LOVE of GOD, meets us where we are. I have to be in some kind of relationship with this body because our life in this dualistic world of illusions is based on relationships: with people, with our body, with bread-and-butter… And accordingly I will always treat my body either lovingly or without love (from unthoughtful all the way up to destructive including hatred). Here on earth it is not possible to have no relationship to the body.

Consequently: I am entitled to nourish my body mindfully and to take good care of it, because I believe that I have a body. The Spiritual Mind Training ACIM will always suggest to us to deal with everything (that we are experiencing) in a loving way. The task in this illusionary world is always moderation (the middle way): Don’t indulge yourself in things (be eager to have the perfect super body) nor refuse or even fight things (to chastise your body in the sense of clerical penance or to sacrifice the body). We should not condemn the worldly things, but try to make peace with them so that we can transcend them in the mind.

Nevertheless, we have to act and constantly make decisions: whole foods store or fast food restaurant? The feelings of “innocence or guilt” that we are experiencing when going to the whole food store or to the fast food restaurant are the base of our learning – and healing process. Behind the thought “fast food is bad” we find the feeling of guilt which mirrors the original conflict with God. And this is what I should forgive myself for: I should forgive myself for my belief in the separation from GOD and my belief in this world, which can be and has to be made a better place (whole food store) so that we will finally feel innocent and find peace – an alternative to HEAVEN, the life in the MIND! Because this is what we are all expecting from this world: that our case (“cosa nostra” because spiritually speaking there is a Mafioso within all of us) will work out here and that we will celebrate our secret victory (against God).

The body is the neutral piece of wood which we will, hopefully, be able to discard gently and pain-free at the end of our days. It does not carry a life of its own nor its own intelligence, since this roots in the mind and it is the mind that steers and maneuvers the body. And we are the mind: This is our true nature, even though it seems that we forgot about that and that we are dreaming about a projected dual world with pain and desperation (and with bodies that go to war!), which does not exist in the MIND of GOD. GOD does not dream because the HIGHEST cannot separate from its SELF and split itself up into separate “parts”.

But now back to the body. When you’re not taking good care of your body you are actually expressing self-hatred. The subconscious original conflict with LOVE (LIFE in the MIND) animates us to blame other people for our lack of peace and to hate them for that. The same is true for our body: most people don’t have a peaceful relationship with it. They are attacking the body with malnourishment or senseless overeating, self-mutilation or poison it with alcohol and drugs (of different kinds). One cosmetic surgery after the next is also an expression of self-violation: I refuse to accept my body the way it is. Of course in some cases cosmetic surgery may make sense and help the person to gain self-confidence and optimism.

But very often we find aggression behind these ways of treating the body (like described). It seems that being able to accept oneself lovingly, with all imperfections (here I am referring to the illusionary personality in the body) is one of the hardest tasks of forgiveness. Generally speaking, the body is taken very seriously. We want to present ourselves with our body on the stage of the world, fight battles with it and celebrate victories (over others). But none of that brings us peace nor good health.

We may do justice to our body and give it what it needs, just like we have to do justice to the State by paying taxes if we want to keep up the world’s infrastructure and prevent it from collapsing. Of course we have (hopefully) already realized that we are spiritual beings and that the MIND is our true home to which we will return, and which we have truly never left. This is where the insights of the Spiritual Mind Training ACIM help us to get to know our eternal true nature. The body may be used in the realms of the classroom of this world of illusion to go through the pending processes of learning.

Let me get more specific: What magical actions carries the illusionary persona Reinhard Lier (born in 1960) out so that he will still be present in a body at the age of 96 and be able to support the process of healing and salvation of all people (in the body since without a body it would be a problem for most people to connect with him)?

1. A minimum of 1 to 2 hours moving in fresh air daily. Oxygen and muscle movement just makes you feel good. In my case my activity is mostly gardening since I’m not enjoying sports very much and I don’t want to do something that I’m not enjoying. Digging in the dirt grounds me and is a very good balance to the mainly mental work I do and the many hours that I am spending in front of my PC. Part of my daily morning exercise is my 20 minutes morning work-out on my mini trampoline. This work-out makes you use muscles that you didn’t even know you had. Walking, light jumping and circling of the arms (backwards) is something anybody can do, even at 96. The quality of the trampoline is important. It should have elastic bungee cords (not metal springs) that can be adjusted every 3-6 months so that the pull is not one-sided. The trampoline should not be exposed to permanent sunlight since UV-light irradiation damages the bed. The tension of a good trampoline should be adequate to the individual weight (make sure you pay attention to that when ordering!). You’ll enjoy it for many years. Quality may be a little more expensive but it pays off in the end.

2. Drinking enough water: 1-2 liters (up to 1/2 of a Gallon) a day, additionally, black tea and coffee. I drink herb tea or natural spring water. I also think that it is helpful to eat just within a time frame of 8 hours (I prefer 2 meals a day now) and let the body have a break over 16 hours per day to get the cells and organs cleaned. It is an extreme stress for the body system to get stuffed with food over 16 to 20 hours per day. Once we are spiritually nourished we need less physical food.

3. The solid food that I eat is mainly vegetarian and sometimes some good fish (trout, salmon, char) or curry-lamb at the Indian restaurant. I don’t like pork meat or organs at all and I even find it questionable. I always like vegetables and fruit, cheese, nuts, cold pressed oil (olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, hemp oil), berries (Goji, Aronia). Most of us eat too much grain (wheat!) since more and more people are experiencing gluten intolerance. I eat Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth and Millet regularly. All four are gluten-free and good energy boosters that don’t strain the digestive system. I like Indian spices to boost my digestive system and I particularly enjoy the Ayurvedic cuisine and its wholesome effect on me, besides its great taste. Generally speaking, every person should and may eat according to his or her needs. I would not approach the issue of food religiously since the actual problem is not within the body and in the food that we eat but in our mind: the original conflict with LOVE. Thoughts and feelings of hatred are a lot more destructive than eating out at McDonald’s.

The fully awakened person can eat whatever he wants without problems. He has experienced healing in the mind and figured out the world of illusion: there is nothing out there!

4. As far as I know, and feel, even organic food does not cover the complete spectrum of all necessary vital substances (some people may look well-nourished but are actually malnourished). I’ve been taking organic based food supplements for several years and do well with them: I don’t get viruses so easily and even at the age of 56 I feel very fit for my job, the work in the yard and around the house. Vitamin C is a main food supplement and essential to catch free radicals. It is great to eat a real organic lemon (alkaline), but it is impossible for me to eat the amount of lemons needed to cover the needed amount of a minimum of 2.000 milligram vitamin C daily.

I value the spirulina alga and chlorella alga very much. And also food supplements and body-treatment products by “Modere”, an American company that has been producing excellent products for over 30 years by avoiding 3000 questionable and partly highly dangerous ingredients (like aluminium, fluorine etc.) I appreciate their toothpaste and mouthwash. It is all based on enzymes and there is no problem if you swallow it. The mouthwash has been helpful for an upset stomach. “Modere” skincare products are based on the idea that you should only put on your skin what you could also eat, since once the products are absorb by the skin they travel into the blood stream. In the worst case the liver may have to struggle to get rid of toxins. If you are interested in finding out more about “Modere” you can get information under: If you register please use the following promo-code 1807643 (Detlev Tesch) since you need someone to get you into Modere.

I take food supplements to give my body what it needs to function well. If men would only take care of their bodies as much as they take care of their cars, it would be all well. Our body is so close to us and still often dramatically ignored. Of course we all become a lot older nowadays then we used to, but I don’t want to end up in lingering illness nurtured by drugs. I want to be mentally clear and fit for a regular daily life, even at the age of 96.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not a sportsman, but I enjoy moving outside and I don’t picture myself at the age of 80 with a walker or in a wheelchair. Because what should that be good for…? What we forget sometimes: our daily habits of eating and living add up. What might not be a problem at the age of 50 can show, if there is a negative mental disposition (rage and hatred of the world), at the age of 70 or 80. Usually we pay for our actions later.

The body should serve our spiritual growth. It does not have a purpose of its own since it is always timely limited and mortal. “My mind” (our collectively dreaming mind) has also projected my body onto this screen of the world and it would be stupid not to use it to achieve awakening. Everything can serve this purpose. Then we may also ask for healing impulses from the spiritual world – brought to us by Jesus or Bruno Groening – to have a well-functioning body. The one who experiences pain – which is actually always spiritual pain projected onto the body – may and should wish for healing.

Of course I’m aware that the original conflict is in the mind and this is why I work on all possible levels to find the way back to the peace of the mind. All special relationships – and our relationship to our body is definitely a very special relationship – should be turned over to the HOLY SPIRIT (using the Course terminology). HE can use everything for our best and for our development even an upset stomach, paralysis or cancer.

The body is only a representation of our disturbed relationship with GOD. Viruses and bacteria are constantly fighting to take over. We have (unconscious) feelings of guilt and fear of death penalty caused by an accident or illness. We are staging all of this ourselves in a nightmare and only we have the power to stop this conflict by inviting HEALING on all levels and by starting to live responsibly. Love means also to treat oneself well and in a healthy way. This can and may start for some people by caring about the body, since the body seems so amazingly real.

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