Interview with Reinhard Lier

Question: There are so many different methods in the therapeutic-spiritual field. Why do you choose to work with Family Constellations and “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM)?

Lier: Once you found a tool that works well for you, you should stick with it and avoid unnecessary changes. I am considering a tool like an instrument. The piano player, for example, sticks with the piano and the violinist sticks with the violin. It can be seen like a long-term relationship which goes through a constant process of changes. This lets you go all the way to the source and you’ll find out the best ways of using the instrument. Any instrument, a musical one or a therapeutic one, is serving man. Any craft needs to be learned first, before we can use it for our own growth and consequently serve other people with it.


Question: The combination of Family Constellations and ACIM is an unusual one. What meaning does the Course have in your work?


Lier: Family Constellations serves as a tool, an approach, to make spiritual forces that are affecting the human system and relationships visible. However, I was missing a further dimension and a deep understanding for human conflicts and suffering. ACIM answered all my questions regarding this matter. With ACIM I have found my home that carries me and takes me beyond this world. The world will always be a place of war, this is so to say immanent in the system (immanent in the world) because our egomaniacal operating-system is a warlike nature. All these background factors with all the questions that may arise can be made visible by setting up a Constellation with the help of representatives. Suddenly we can see and feel the destructive force within us as well as the power to make a decision and the energy of healing. It is all omnipresent in our mind, every man exists within this field of tension.


Question: And where can we find the solution? Where can we find peace?

Lier: We are facing the challenge to ask ourselves the most human question: “Who am I?” It is common that the negative comes up first: “ What is it that I am not?” This makes us get rid of certain entanglements within the family-system, like for example identifying with others. But there is more to it. We need spiritual cleansing and reformation. The next step is to withdraw from any kind of projections, especially concerning the hot topic of guilt. Whatever it is that I am experiencing has been “created “ by me and I am responsible for it. A lot of people refuse to see that but it is the key to freedom. Only once we take a look at the good and evil within us and make the decision to let go, we can cross over the border of morality and the collective consciousness. Bonding with the group gives us a certain sense of security and innocence but at the same time implies the readiness for war against other groups whenever our own position is threatened.


Question: Now, we are talking in a very spiritual sense, right?                  

Lier: Only this kind of spirituality is to be taken seriously because it goes without the projection of guilt and thus eliminates aggression. ACIM combines three valuable elements: Freud’s depth psychology (splitting off and projection) , the teaching of non-duality (Advaita/Vedanta) and thus a non-dual oriented Christianity that is inspired by the Holy Spirit and so far has been only recognized by mystics. Especially the Western Christian World needs a new approach to spirituality badly because the church (churches) does no meet its original task to serve spiritual healing. It is still stuck in the system of duality and serves, in its best case, the need for wellness-spirituality. I can hardly see a serious attempt at spiritual research.


Question: Are people open to this process?

Lier: Some are and these are the ones that I can take on the journey. Their path is also my path. There is only one path, as far as content goes. There seem to be many different paths and different methods, formally speaking, but this is not important. We are certainly not talking about a lot of people but this is not a matter of numbers. Any single person that is inspired and chooses healing is valuable. His spiritual light will light up the darkness of human ignorance. It should teach us to think in different dimensions.


Question: What kind of help can people get on their path?

Lier: I convey and guide people through the Mind training “A Course in Miracles”. It is a non-dual-teaching system and thus an exceptional phenomenon. There are few offers when it comes to non-duality, one very important one is the Indian Advaita-/Vedanta teaching (Nisargadatta Maharaj “ I am that”). Most religious and philosophical teachings get stuck in the trap of duality, of good and evil. They see the material world as divinity. From the perspective of ACIM, however, the MIND (GOD) cannot create anything that is not in accordance with His nature. There is no way for me to understand the natural principle of “ Eat or be eaten” as divine. Just like the splitting off of man into man and woman. The MIND does not know form and thus no diversity, meaning no competition. This, on the other hand, would question the visible world completely and that is not in the interest of the earthly power game.


Question: ACIM is quite demanding as far as its language is concerned and the kind of book that quickly disappears in the bookshelf. How can one successfully learn and apply the Spiritual Mind Training?

Lier: ACIM is not suitable for everyone, it is probably only suitable for a few. In so far, I am working in a kind of niche and I am not expecting to attract crowds of people. I find it to be the greatest spiritual work that I know of. I believe that ACIM shows us a shortcut on the way to spiritual healing since man’s original conflict is described very clearly and understandable. At the same time, it needs a strong will and determination to explore the mind and perseverance to keep choosing to communicate with the spiritual again and again. The problem is that most people are ignorant: they don’t want to take a closer look and make the effort to understand themselves and their fellow man. People consume shallow, superficial psychological guides which don’t grasp the essential dimension of spiritual healing. Or they stay on the level of politics which can definitely be seen only as a symptom of the actual problem. I am concerned about the individual being. The only place to start is the mind. The world cannot be saved, but the dreaming mind can.


Question: So, something can change when listening to your lectures, for example, or when reading your books or when attending your 6-day workshops retreats.?

Lier: I offer impulse so the open-minded person can become inspired and spiritually active. Everybody has to go on the path by themselves, I cannot do that for anybody. I use a lot of parables, images and stories to give a vivid, creative interpretation and explanation of ACIM. This helps the seeker to get access to the content and to get the feeling that the content moves him. It leads to cleansing and purification. Step by step he may let go of the world’s insanity and fear may slowly fade away. Peace and fulfilment can now be experienced in stillness instead of looking for it in the outside. This would already be a good start.


Question: But how do you live in the world, then?

Lier: In any case calmer because the subjectively felt pressure and fear become less. Formally you live just a normal life. In substance though, the things in this world become a different meaning: they serve as a classroom for awakening. This includes of course issues like sex and money. We should put school to the best possible use so that we can leave in peace at “the end of time”.


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