Spiritual Mind Training


What are the topics of the Spiritual Mind Training?

The basic question: What is man?

Man is spirit (or rather soul) with creative potency endowed with willpower. Whatever he believes in and sets his mind on can create worlds. Thoughts are the building blocks of the universe. The human mind and its thoughts are either focused on love and all kinds of its earthly form of expression or on hatred and all its destructive manifestations. Sigmund Freud gave a unique description of the darkest depths of the human soul. Freud framed the unconscious and considered the repressing (splitting of) of spiritual content and its projection onto other people to be the cause of any war: others are always to blame for my misery…..


Problem and Solution

Only the one who understands the problem is able to solve it in the mind. The solution to all our problems can not be found in the matrix that created the problem. The provoking question is: How real is the matrix of our mind, the world, that we believe in? It takes courage to analyze the problem, since fear is the defending power that keeps up the problem. Fear is the root of any kind of ignorance.


The other side of the coin: the capacity for love

Unfortunately Sigmund Freud did not see the other side of the coin: the capacity for love, the divine nature of the human mind. He is lacking the approach to the spirit of oneness which is capable of overcoming the schizophrenia that man is suffering from within. The content of the Indian Advaita and Vedanta (the spiritual teaching of the non- duality of God ) can be found as the hidden essence of truth in Christianity in the message of Jesus: I and the FATHER are one. Jesus wanted to awaken us, his brothers and sisters, from the dream of earthly entanglement to give us access to a kind of peace which is not of this world and above all reason.


You can’t fight for peace

Peace is a state of mind. Only when the issue of guilt ( and accusation) is determined and overcome, can peace spread within us. The one who wants to know, will find out. It is about a practical path in this world, which at the same time leads beyond this world – it transcends this world.


The answer

The answer to the question of guilt has been given to us in many different forms. One of these forms is the Mind Training “ A Course in Miracles*”, which was spiritually received by the American psychologist Dr. Helen Schucman between the years 1965 and 1972. I find this work to be a very sound and helpful approach to find a way back into the ONENESS of all humankind. It appeals to people in the Christian Western Civilization ( but not only !) because of the Christian terminology that is used. It is an essential part of my work to help explain the foundation of this path.  

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