I have given lectures and workshops in English and I would like to meet

English-speaking truth-seekers in the future again.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop in your country I am

ready to come and join you in this endeavor.



Touring the US in 2003, giving lectures in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Pennsylvania


My 6-day-retreats in Italy can be easily transferred to other countries and are the most effective

form of workshop with the greatest personal benefit. Here are the frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions

1. Is the knowledge of A Course in Miracles a prerequisite for attending the seminar – retreat?

No previous knowledge is required. It is common that people participate who are not familiar, or only a little familiar with the content of ACIM. However, they are open-minded and ready to look at the big issue of “God, Man and the World” from a different point of view. They want to make a serious and honest attempt to learn to understand the origin of the problem, which makes the world go round. The one who understands is then able to choose again and to start living in a different way.


2. What is the target-age group for the seminar-retreat?
A minimum age of 18 is required. There is no age-limit just as long as the person is mentally capable of following the content and eager for new impulses. I believe that even a person who is about to die will benefit from the workshop-retreat since the accumulated knowledge will help him after leaving his body.

Generally speaking it may be helpful if you have had your share of “normal life “experience. It takes a good knowledge of oneself and of the world with all her hopes and disappointments to feel the urge for reorientation. More and more people feel that the world is a crazy place to live in and are looking to find an exit out of this insanity. It usually takes a certain degree of suffering to face these questions. There is no need to question the world as long as it works for you.

3.What exactly are we going to do in the seminar?

The content of the Spiritual Mind Training „A Course in Miracles“ will be explained clearly through images and explanations and by setting up Constellations – people from the group are representing spiritual principles like the Ego, the SELF, Observer/Decision-maker and the Energy of Healing. We will do exercises and take certain positions to overcome inner obstacles and make way for the energy of healing to flow. In the process of setting up the Constellations there will be time to look at the personal issues of participants and to look for solutions.

The afternoon will be used to find time for contemplation, relaxation and quietness, as well as for enjoying yourself. We’ll be served 3 vegetarian meals and enjoy walks in the wonderful nature around us. You may want to spend time at the gorgeous beach or enjoy your Portuguese coffee. It is up to you. At night we will answer questions and practice in silence.


4. What’s the overall effect? What if I don’t get all of it , or don’t believe in it?

All it takes is to be open for this great spiritual work and its healing effect will soothe your mind. It is not necessary to understand all its dimensions, neither do you have to believe in it. It is actually very likely that you will only understand very little at first and that some questions may remain unanswered –however you will still experience a healing change.

All you have to bring with you is: spiritual open-mindedness, which shows in the desire to find truth and liberation (disentanglement). When you are taking a homeopathic remedy like Aurum (homeopathic medication made out of the element gold) it does not matter whether you understand it, all it needs is for you to take it and the effect will show. There is not a lot to understand. Healing starts as soon as you are making contact with the remedy. This process is all that counts. It is about the act of absorbing the remedy or the information. The rest will just happen – it is beyond our understanding.


5. I don’t want to be drawn into a sect or into any kind of dependency to other people. What am I dealing with in this seminar?

First of all you’ll be dealing with me, Reinhard Lier. I’ll serve as a guide on your journey. I consider myself to be a seeker for truth and an interpreter of the Mind Training “ A Course in Miracles”. In my seminars and also in my counselling sessions I am passing on the healing impulse which I received myself, to serious seekers. It is all about the single individual person and his or her freedom of decision. Everybody makes his own choice and has to take responsibility for his decision. So it is not about building a group and giving up your individual responsibility. The spiritual world (this considers all beings who are serving the truth and the love of God) is only addressing the individual. And when he hears the call he starts going onto the path of healing. This path goes way beyond our physical death. I challenge myself to keep the big picture of eternal life in my mind and dedicate my work to eternity and avoid the trap of short-term desire-fulfillment.
Formally speaking we are all carrying on with our everyday life, our normal kind of work and our relationships. This is the only way how we can put the world’s classroom to its best use. We are consciously returning onto our normal path that we are on in this world in the end of each seminar. The process of group building and the egomaniacal energy that comes with it is rather hindering. However, any kind of experience is valuable and therefore it may happen!

6. So, the participants don’t stay in contact once the seminar is over?

This is totally up to the participants. I’ll only hand out address lists if all participants agree on it. I for my part, being the facilitator, I’ll be available for personal questions and issues concerning the Constellation work for a period of about 6 months after the seminar (no extra charges). Participants can turn to me whenever questions occur. However,I won’t run after anybody because everybody has to let go of me and stand-alone again to get back to himself and his own inner guidance.


7. Are we also dealing with the issue of sex and sexual practices?
Sex is an important human issue- just like money- and it will be illustrated with all its complex problems. Sexual practices (like the Tantric Practice) are not actually practiced or illustrated. I am advising participants to avoid sexual relationships with each other during the seminar. Your inner-self experience may diminish dramatically when you are strongly focusing onto another person. It makes one literally walk away from yourself- from your SELF!- and you get lost in a romantic relationship. If someone does fall in love, however, I’d suggest to make use of this experience for the purpose of self-awareness. I’ll gladly offer to help, either confidently one on one or openly as part of the group process.


8. Is alcohol allowed during the seminar?
Generally speaking I don’t appreciate consuming alcohol during the seminar. However, I can see that some people may want to enjoy a glass of wine with their meal. For me it is important that the clarity of the mind is given. Do I recognize when I am in charge of the world’s phenomena or am I driven by them? This concerns all matters. The issue of addiction will be an important topic and we will deal with it in detail during the seminar.


9. What about a joint?
If that is what you want then you don’t need to attend the seminar because you have already made your choice. My work needs a certain amount of soberness. People who are obsessed with getting high are confused and therefore not able to capture spiritual content.


10. 6 days are a long period of time- especially in a group. I am not sure if I can handle this.
We are talking about 6 days- 6 days that will change you, if change is what you wish for. If you are feeling that it is time for a change it is most likely a sign that your path hasn’t been a happy one. Any deep change and transformation takes place in your soul, in your mind. In so far we may want to stop changing the world since it is neither possible nor necessary. These 6 days are dedicated for focusing our mind on the essential: on the spiritual world. Of course it is possible that awkward feelings come up and that you’d find yourself ready to pack your things and go. This impulse, however, can be overcome if it is your honest desire to find peace. Only the one who is facing his inner-life with the help of the spiritual world, will be able to overcome the inner obstacles that keep him from being at peace. In this regard 6 days are rather short compared to a life of 30 or 70 years- however, these 6 days can make all the difference and I’ll be happy to help you on the way.



Lecture in Salzburg, Austria, 2006


Reinhard, Jerry & Diane-1-l

Reinhard Lier being part of the translation team in the workshop with Jerry Jampolsky and
Diane Cirincione in Dortmund, 2011.

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